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Do you want olive groves or grape vines to surround your cottage in the Abruzzo countryside?


Property in Abruzzo,
Central Italy
Olive or Grape?

  There is something magnificent about looking across green, rolling fields of olive groves and vineyards, a truly Italian gift. Lined up like marching soldiers with just enough space for the farmer to pass between in his tractor. Both olives and vines are a common symbol of Abruzzo agriculture and a rich crop. This now creates a common dilemma from prospective buyers;
Do you want olive groves or grape vines to surround your cottage in the Abruzzo countryside?
Wouldn’t it be cool to offer your clients back home your own brand of wine? A bottle of Montepulciano di Smith, with a personalised label and unique flavour. Perhaps, the start of a new business selling Abruzzo wines to exclusive clients! The Montepulciano deep red grape has developed a strong international brand and is very popular amongst farmers due to its growing value and EU subsidies.
Something quite special about vines is they offer a changing colour all through the year, a gentle, light green in the spring to deep red in the autumn. The traditional way to farm the grapes in Abruzzo offers a green sea canopy, which does not block the view around the house. The vines are supported by concrete posts with a criss-cross of wire knitting the posts together and allowing the plants to spread, creating the canopy. Bunches of grape drop down from the canopy and the farmer walks underneath and picks the grapes.
Grapes tend to ripen around the middle of September in Abruzzo, and need to be picked in a small window of time, lasting around 2 weeks. They are delicate bushes and their fruit is susceptible to damage from the cold, so a late cold spell in Spring can be devastating.                
Olive groves
Olive trees live for hundreds of years, the wise wizards of the Italian countryside. Their oil has magical health properties and central to the Mediterranean Diet. They are evergreen keeping their leaves all year just changing to a slightly silvery colour in the autumn. They also offer that typically Italian view.
The olive is ready for picking from the end of October for a period of several weeks. Once picked, you transport them to the local mill and the oil is pressed out. The mill keeps a percentage as payment and you go home with your very own extra virgin olive oil! Quite a simple process.
The olive is resistant to the weather so you find them up to 1000 meters above sea level, they rarely die from the cold, and can go long periods without water. The branches make excellent fire wood and children can climb them. The olive is clean and easy to walk between. They are dynamic due to the fantastic products that derive from olives that must be tried (e.g.   
You still can’t decide? 
Well, take a look for yourself and come on over!
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