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Experience and values

Why Abruzzo.House?
Enjoy Abruzzo


Our agency will organise viewings all over Abruzzo to see suitable houses so that you have the most complete choice of properties to choose from.
Since 2003 we have been assisting our foreign clients in any way they need to create the most relaxed and pleasurable experience from their property in Abruzzo. We will help you find your dream property, close to the beach, mountains or medieval town with a complete range of affordable properties.
For investors, we can advise you on the highest returns and re-selling tips. We will organise all parties for the final signing and bring together and explain clearly the array of documents required for the Notary for a successful conclusion every time!
Abruzzo.House supports you for all of your property needs for as long as you require.

Safe and Professional

Our property services are delivered by professionals combining entrepreneurial spirit and expert understanding for our clients needs. The legal process is rigid and strict guaranteeing a safe experience for buyers.
We will explain clearly the process and paperwork to you so you are confortable with the process. There is no cash, only banker's drafts which swap hands at the moment of signing in front of the Notary.
All elements of the property purchase, renovation and maintenance will be smooth and fulfilling so you can get on with enjoying the rich environment Abruzzo offers. A.H Focuses.

Property Management Services - more -

Now you own a piece of Italy you may need help managing the house. We can change over utilities, set up direct debits and organise any level of renovation or restructuring required.
If you need help renting out the property we can provide all the services needed for a clean house or a quick response to problems.
A.H has managed houses and rentals for foreign customers since 2004. Use A.H for attention to detail

Renovating and restructuring -more-

We have overseen many dozens of building projects since 2003 for our foreign customers.
Respecting their budget constraints and time scales is our principle concern with careful attention to detail and clear communication.
Our Partners in the U.K. are happy to collaborate with you from their London office so you can design your property or renovation face-to-face in English.
Use A.H for specialisation

Interior Design

Following the renovation from begining to end, our English speaking interior design team can personalize your living space in an affordable way to get the designer look you want without the high cost or the hassle. -MORE-
Use A.H to reflect your stile 
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