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Euro 15000 
Detached of 90sqm, 2 bedroom with garden , fantastic lake view and peaceful area.      

Euro 54000
ref. n2706 -More-
Hill top, 4 bedroom stone farm house, with terrace and 1400sqm of garden and amazing views.                   
Euro 39000
ref. n2712 -More-
Brick town house, with outbuilding and garden, 10 minutes to the beach with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and character from the 1900s.                    
Euro 28000
ref. n2731 -More-
Stone structure, amazing views, town house with 3 bedrooms, semi-habitable, 110sqm.
Euro 28000
ref. n7266 -More-
Detached countryside house with sun terrace offering lake and mountain views.                   
Euro 110000
ref. n2705 -More-
250sqm brick town house, 4 bedrooms and amazing terrace with sea view.                   
Euro 65000
ref. n2704 -More- 
Detached, isolated, new build with 4500sqm of olive grove, mountain views, 1km to the town.                   
Euro 95000
ref. n7202 -More-
15,000 sqm of vineyard with sea view and 30sqm garage 5km to the beach with rights to build 450sqm of Villa.                   
Euro 30000
ref. n2701 -More-
Detached, 100 year old brick, 4 bed town house with garden and out building 1km to town.                   
Euro 100000
Detached, maiella stone structure, 4 bedrooms, 5000sqm of flat land and magnificent views.

Euro 12000 
Majella stone structure with garden and 2 beds in the old part of this lively, very Italian town.                 
Euro 35000 
2 bedroom town house with garage and terrace in a lively center.

Euro 25000
Castle and mountain view, peaceful countryside location, 2 bedroom house with garden and habitable
Euro 24000
ref. n2732 -More-
Character full, maiella stone, 3 bedroom town house in the center of a small hamlet, with original features and terrace.                  
Euro 39975
Stone structure, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, finished, town house in a typical and lively Italian town.

Detached, 3 bedroom, habitable farmhouse, with 3 out buildings, sun terrace, 1200sqm of land and 5km to a city in a peaceful, scenic spot.
Euro 15000
ref. n2700 -More-
Beach side, stone, 2 bedroom, town house in the center of a lively, typical Italian town to restore.                  
Euro 75000
ref. n2723 -More-
6 bedrooms country house including barn to convert of 50sqm on 2 levels, perfect to create different rental units.                   
Euro 30000
ref. n2720 -More-
3 bedroom habitable town house with fantastic valley and mountain views, sun terrace and in a quiet, panoramic location , and yet a short walk to the bars, restaurants and shops of the local town.
Euro 280000
ref. n2727 -More-
10 hectares of land around a group of stone houses in a panoramic, mountain location 4km to Torricella Peligna.                  
Euro 70000
ref. n2714 -More- 
Farmhouse 2km from the city of Lanciano, 5 bedrooms, 1700sqm of flat land and barn.                  
Euro 16000
ref. n2735 -More-
Stone cottage, open beautiful views, terrace, 2 bedrooms, parking, garden.
Euro 39000
ref. n7210 -More-
Skiing resort, 2 bed, garden, finished.
Euro 18000
ref. n2733 -More-
3 bedroom, stone building with attached ruin to restore in habitable condition.
Euro 24000
ref. n2730 -More-
4 bedroom, habitable, character full town house with vaulted ceilings, terrace, garage and easy access.
Euro 12000
ref. n2739 -More-
Ground floor, 2 bedroom, stone apartment of 60sqm with fireplace.                 
Euro 16000
ref. n2740 -More-
Majella stone, 1900s olive mill with garden in a peaceful location with distant sea view.          
Euro 60000
ref. n2741 -More-
Finished, 2 bedroom house with 2000sqm of land and barn to convert.         
Euro 28000
ref. n2547 -More-
Large sun terrace overlooking the mountains submerged in peaceful woods, stone cottage.
Euro 43000
ref. n2742 -More-
Rustic, stone cottage of 70sqm with a 100smq garden and lake and mountain view.
Euro 44000
ref. n2746 -More-
Finished, furnished, 2 bedroom countryside cottage with a stone structure, garden and mountain views.                            
Euro 28000
ref. n2747 -More-
Habitable, 1 bedroom, stone cottage with outbuilding, garage and spacious terrace and castle view.                            
Euro 89000
ref. n2613 -More-
Farm house with 10,000sqm of olives, amazing views, 4 bedrooms and habitable.                     
Euro 48000
ref. n2745 -More-
Detached, habitable, countryside house of 120sqm, with 3 bedrooms, 1000sqm of garden, and beautiful open views.                                 
Euro 19000
ref. n7209 -More-
Town house with barn and garden and open , beautiful views.                          
Euro 29000
ref. n2743 -More-
Partly renovated, habitable, 2 bedroom, stone house in the old part of town with terrace and courtyard.                
Euro 49000
ref. n2748 -More-
Detached, habitable, 4 bedroom, country house with 700sqm of garden, outbuilding and open views.                            
Euro 23000
ref. n2749 -More-
Character full, habitable town house with vaulted ceilings, exposed, stone structure, 100 meters from cafes and shops.                         
Euro 55000
ref. n2750 -More-
Historic town house of 250sqm full of character with 5 bedrooms, terrace and garage.          
Euro 21000
ref. n2751 -More-
3 bedroom, character full, stone, town house with garden, terrace and open green views 18km to skiing.
Euro 15000
ref. n2752 -More-
Stone town house, vaulted ceilings, garden, extendable.
Euro 29000
ref. n2753 -More-
Countryside property with garden, beautiful views, character and terrace.
Euro 80000
ref. n2754 -More-
Finished, semi-detached, fully furnished character full town house with 3 bedrooms, garden, terrace and great views.
Euro 25000
ref. n2755 -More-
Stone farm house of 150sqm, 3 beds, with 9,000sqm of flat land, barn and amazing mountain views and a separate hectare of forest.
Euro 33000
ref. n2756 -More-
Detached barn of 140sqm to be converted into a house with 10,000sqm of land and fantastic, open, mountain views.
Euro 33000
ref. n2757 -More-
Detached, stone, habitable country house with 500sqm of garden and open mountain views.
Euro 33000
ref. n2758 -More-
Centrally located, habitable, 2 bed, town house with terrace in a typical Italian town.
Euro 49000
ref. n2759 -More-
Town house divided into 2 habitable apartments with amazing views and sun terrace.
Euro 40000
ref. n2763 -More-
12km to the beach, stone town house, with 3 bedrooms, garage and partially renovated.
Euro 49000
ref. n2766 -More-
3 bedroom, habitable town house with terrace, garden and outbuilding to rebuild.
Euro 105000
ref. 7083 -More-
3 minutes walk to the beach with open incredible sea views.                 
Euro 74000
ref. n2776 -More-
Bungalow town house with garden out building and full of character 7km to the beach.                 
Euro 600000
ref. n2767 -More-
Sea front, historic 10 bedroom and 6 bathroom, 450sqm town house with 500sqm of back garden, 2 sun terraces and double garage.
Euro 130000
ref. 6010 -More-
300 meters to beach, sea view, recently renovated, ground floor apartment with garage.                 
Euro 55000
ref. n2768 -More-
Ground floor apartment, finished, of 100sqm with 2 bedrooms, terrace and 100 meters to the center.                 
Euro 19000
ref. n2519 -More-
Located in the center of this typical Italian town with 2 beds and a cellar.                 
Euro 58000
ref. n2770 -More-
Renovated town house, in the center of the village, 7km to the beach, 130sqm, 3 bedrooms, garden.               
Euro 84000
ref. n2771 -More-
Picturesque, 3 bedroom, detached, habitable cottage and barn with 3000sqm of flat land with orchard and sea views.                 
Euro 65000
ref. n2772 -More-
Sea and Mountain amazing views, habitable, 4 bedroom town house with 2 terraces and garage.              
Euro 19000
ref. n2777 -More-
Finished first floor apartment with 3 bedrooms, in a lively, typical Italian town with cellar on the ground floor.             
Euro 29000
ref. n2778 -More-
Habitable town house with 3 bedrooms, 8km to the beach and 500 meters to shops and bars.           
Euro 90000
ref. n2780 -More-
3 Bedroom, finished town house 10 minutes to the beach, terrace and cellar.           
Euro 55000
ref. n2782 -More-
3 bedroom, habitable town house 7km to the beach with sun terrace and character and amazing mountain views.           
Euro 100000
ref. n2783 -More-
6 bedroom, 5 bathroom detached countryside cottage with outbuilding and 3000sqm of olive grove.           
Euro 190000
ref. n2004 -More-
500 meters to the beach, sea view, 4 bedroom bungalow, finished, 500sqm garden, separate studio flat for guests.           
Euro 59000
ref. n2784 -More-
Panoramic, habitable cottage in peaceful countryside with 4 bedrooms of 180 sqm and 900sqm of garden with amazing mountain views.           
Euro 29000
ref. n2786 -More-
Beach condo, 3km to the coastline, partially built with garden, terrace and open views.           
Euro 25000
ref. n2787 -More-
Panoramic position, stone apartment, nicely finished in mountain village center.           
Euro 22000
ref. n2788 -More-
Mountain apartment in a village with stone structure, habitable and amazing views.           
Euro 130000
ref. n2789 -More-
Isolated, detached, finished, stone bungalow with 7000sqm of land, sea view, 2km to town and 8km to beach.           
Euro 32000
ref. n2799 -More-
Countryside single floor cottage with 800sqm of garden with olives 2km to historic Crecchio.           
Euro 35000
ref. n2792 -More-
Beautiful mountain and lake views, habitable town house with garage, 2 bedrooms 1 mile to the center of town.           
Euro 110000
ref. n2793 -More-
A block of 3 apartments and houses with amazing views, terraces, parking, garden and 6km to the beach, perfect for B & B.           
Euro 40000
ref. n2794 -More-
2 bedroom, habitable town house with amazing views, patio and 6km to the beach.           
Euro 28000
ref. n2795 -More-
Old farm house of 130sqm to restructure in a panoramic position, with 5000sqm of land.           
Euro 20000
ref. n2796 -More-
150sqm country house with 2 spacious terraces in a panoramic position and full of character with garden and garage.           
Euro 65000
ref. n2797 -More-
Nicely renovated apartment on the first floor in a lively, modern part of historic Guardiagrele.           
Euro 38000
ref. n2798 -More-
Nicely renovated apartment on the first floor in a lively, modern part of historic Guardiagrele.           
Euro 130000
Isolated, detached, finished, stone bungalow with 7000sqm of land, sea view, 2km to town and 8km to beach   
Euro 85000
ref. n2801 - More -
Finished, town house with 2 spacious terraces, garage and open views and 2 bedrooms in the Abruzzo pasta valley
Euro 23000
ref. n7123 - More -
Fantastic mountain and lake view, 2 apartments and building land
Euro 75000
ref. n2802 - More -
Detached, countryside stone property with easy access, 500sqm of garden, barn and 1km to town
Euro 185000
Sea and mountain view land located on a hill top comprising of 13,000sqm of mainly olive grove to build a villa of about 150sqm.
Euro 17000
Historic, stone property in the old part of town with amazing sun terrace
Euro 61000
ref. n2806 - More -
Farmhouse, detached and habitable, with 1700sqm of flat land, terrace and barn, amazing views, 15 minutes to the beach.
Euro 59000
ref. n2807 - More -
Recently restored, 200 year, 2 bedroom house in the old part of the city center 300 meters to the shops and restaurants.
Euro 23000
ref. n2808 - More -
Countryside, stone house with garden and terrace to restructure of 100sqm with 3 bedrooms.
Euro 23000
ref. n2809 - More -
Detached farmhouse and barn with 1000sqm of flat land with orchard, mountain views in a peaceful location and original character.
Euro 59000
ref. n2810 - More -
Detached, country house with 2 bedrooms and 3000sqm of land, 300 meters to the town, 2km to the beach in a quiet spot with amazing views.
Euro 99000
ref. n2811 - More -
Detached, renovated farm house, barn and 9000sqm of land in the peaceful hills around Atessa city.
Euro 150000
ref. n2816 - More -
6 bedroom, finished, country house with 2500sqm of garden and a distant burbling of a river in the background.
Euro 75000
ref. n2813 - More -
Detached, habitable countryside house with 3 bedrooms, garage and garden in a tranquil picturesque spot.
Euro 59000
ref. n2815 - More -
Fantastic mountain views, 2 bedroom town house with garden, garage, quiet spot, 300 meters to the shops, needs decorating.
Euro 26000
ref. n2817 - More -
Detached countryside house with 3 bedrooms with barn and 1000sqm of Olive grove and beautiful views.
Euro 13000
ref. n2819 - More -
Detached, isolated cottage with 500sqm of garden in a panoramic, peaceful, and mountainous location.
Euro 53000
ref. 7184 - More -
Detached, stone farm house, habitable, with second farm house to restructure and barn, 1000sqm of garden and garage.
Euro 8000
ref. n2820 - More -
Town house of 60sqm with grotto, to restructure in a quiet spot with garden and terrace.
Euro 30000
ref. n2821 - More -
Town house 1km from Pizzoferato, habitable, full of character, 60sqm, seemingly dry and solid in a peaceful spot.
Euro 185000
ref. n2823 - More -
500 meters from the beach, finished countryside house with amazing sea views from a 30sqm sun terrace, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and garden.
Euro 35000
ref. n2825 - More -
Stone, detached cottage with 1800sqm of land and amazing mountain views with building rights.
Euro 35000
Habitable 3 bedroom town house with 2 bathrooms in a lively town half way between the mountains and the beach.
Euro 49000
Stone town house, habitable, from 1810 with 3 bedrooms, 50sqm cellar and amazing mountain views, perfect for roof terrace.
Euro 9000
ref. n2830 - More -
Detached, 70sqm stone ruin with 200sqm of garden in peaceful community 25 minutes to the beach.
Apartment in the center of this lively town with 2 balconies, habitable, on the main square.
Euro 70000
Semi-detached bungalow with 4500 sqm of olive grove and barn to convert 15 minutes to the beach.
Euro 65000
ref. n2836 - More -
1800s apartment, habitable, with vaulted ceilings, 2 bedrooms in the old center of Lanciano.
Euro 150000
3 bedroom, habitable farmhouse, barn, outbuilding and 2000sqm of fruit trees 1km to town.
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