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Skiing in Abruzzo

Skiing in Abruzzo
The ski season around the Abruzzo mountain range, the Alppennini, opens from the middle of December to the middle of April, with excellent snowfalls. The best months for snow are January, February and March. Something different about the Abruzzo skiing experience is the warm sun you feel while you ski, and the distant sea views. Don’t forget, after an hour’s drive, you can be dipping your toes in the Adriatic sea. The majority of the resorts are surrounded by National Parks which offer thick forests, plenty of wild life and clean, pure, mountain air to breathe. The cost is very competitive too, compared to other European resorts and the food outstanding. The closest airport is Pescara ( ) an hour’s drive to the resorts and then there is Rome (Ciampino or Fiumicino ) which are a three hours’ drive (more on travel information - )

Property near Skiing Resort

Ski Resorts

The resorts available are (not a comprehensive list);

Roccaraso and Rivisondoli offers 119 km of piste
Location 41.8375656,14.0369172

Campo Felice and Ovindoli
Location 42.212621, 13.459685

Campo Imperatore
Location 42.442688, 13.558778

Passo Lanciano-Maielletta with a sea view
Location 42.1894287,14.1037812
Campo di Giove
Location 42.0123532,14.0443236

Location 41.888180, 14.057854
Location 41.814960, 13.764099

The ski resorts are well organised and all have ski hire, and instructors for lessons.

Ski Food

The mountain food is quite amazing. A favourite is “La Polenta” with a heavy tomato and sausage sauce. An absolute must! Another traditional dish is lentil soup with bacon and pasta.
There is the other classic like hot chocolate, which, in Italy it is more like a chocolate custard drink, so don’t be shocked. A local liquor called “Punch” is heated up, better not take this if you are driving.
There is also Tea, either black, green or fruit tea, but it is more usual to have it on its own or with lemon and almost unheard of to have it with milk. MORE

Ski Resorts

House 30 minutes to the skiing resorts:
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