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Lanciano is a small and beautiful town of ancient origins, with about 40.000 inhabitants, that is situated in the Frentano Subappeninnes. It preserves the remnants of the ancient medieval walls. The flourishing trade sectors are those of the agricultural products and of the textile, chemical, food and shoe industries. Sheep-breeding and agriculture have developed a lot too. 

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The ancient Roman name of Lanciano was Anxanum, a city of the Frentani Italic tribe. The city is said to have been founded in 1181 BC by Solimus, a Trojan refugee arrived in Italy along with Aeneas. Legends aside, archaeological findings have shown that the area was settled from the 5th millennium BC. Under the Frentani it was probably under the influence of Greater Greece. After the end of the Samnite Wars, which saw the Frentani allied with the Romans, Lancianum obtained the status of municipium. It was probably a flourishing commercial site, across an ancient and important trade route connecting Pescara to Apulia. According to tradition, Lanciano is also the birthplace of Longinus the Roman centurion who thrust his spear into Jesus' side during the Crucifixion: Lanciano in Italian means -of the Spear-.

Lanciano still maintains its unique character and warmth as a typical real Italian city. In Lanciano there are a wide range of shops, restaurants, coffee bars and modern amenities such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, shopping centres, bingo theatres, football stadium, etc. There are also some unique historical and architectural buildings and churches and there is a world famous Eucharistic miracle and the Cathedral built on a bridge.

Today Lanciano is a well known fair centre, which is recognized on a national and international scale. Lanciano is also the town of the first Eucharistic Miracle recognized by the Church, that took place in the seventh century. The airport that you can keep as a reference is Abruzzo Airport, situated 39 km away from Pescara, with flights from and to Turin, Milan and Rome and links to the most important European capitals. Of course, once you have arrived in Abruzzo, we advice you to reach Lanciano by car, since you can rent one at the airport. The motorway for you to keep as a reference is the A14 Bologna-Bari, that leads you directly to Lanciano (exit sign San Vito-Lanciano).  

Abruzzo is located in Central Italy. It stretches from the heart of Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. The beaches are long and sandy to the north and there are pebbly beaches to the south. The small villages in Abruzzo are very charming and a part of many “touristic routes” in Italy. The provinces of the regions are: L’Aquila (regional capital), Pescara, Teramo and Chieti. You are surrounded by sea, mountains, castles and entertainment.

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